Sunday, August 29, 2010

Year #11

Welcome Back to School
This week started my 11th year of teaching and I can hardly believe it. Although I was sad to see summer go, this really was a great week. I was a little hesistant starting this year because I am coaching basketball again. I have enjoyed getting back in the gym and really feel like I never was gone.
I can not believe my baby started Kinder this year. He is loving school so far and really enjoys riding the bus each day after school. They are so cute, about 10 little kiddos ride the bus from the elementary to the high school because all of their parents work there. They come running through the halls each afternoon just giggling and talking the whole way to the classrooms.
My little diva is now in the 3rd grade and loves school as always. She is a little angel at school and just wants to please everyone. She is enjoying changing classrooms this year for the first time and loves both of her teachers.
Scott started at his new school this year in town and loves it.
Wishing you a great new year!!

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