Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basketball season=Busy Busy Busy

I try so hard to stay up with my blog, but I just can't. My plate is super full right now, but I am loving my life. God has truly blessed me with a great job that I love, great kids, a wonderful husband and family, and awesome friends. Basketball season just started and I am loving getting back on the court. I am coaching JV and I am the varsity assistant. We had our first scrimmage today that proved we have a lot to work on before our first game on the 9th. Here are the pictures from our church fall festival. My sweet children wanted to be scary things this year. So long to the sweet and cute Halloween costumes. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween and a wonderful fall.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Soccer Pictures

She is focusing hard!!
My precious kiddos before the game

She looks so little in her uniform. It is huge.
Bubba looks at me when he thinks he does good. I guess he knows I am going to take a picture:)

I love watching my kids play. I can't believe they are big enough to be playing and I know we will have many more years to watch them play. My life is truly blessed. I can't thank God enough for my precious kids and husband.
Have a great week and I will try to update more often than once every two months.

Prestley- Soccer and the Fair parade

For the past two years, Prestley and her best friend Meghan have been asked to hold the Aristocat banner in the Fair Parade. This year the Dance coach got them matching dresses, earrings, hair accessories and make-up. They looked so big. They have to walk for 2 hours and this year they were soaked with rain.

Prestley and Meg struggling to hold the big banner in the rain.

Here she is in action on the soccer field. She is of course the smallest one on the team, but she works so hard. She is on the Dolphins and they have one 1 game and lost two.

Soccer 2010

I love this Picture!! Coach Hammond talking to the boys. My big boy ready for his game. He is a stud on the soccer field:)

Pres and Cash watching the game. He stops to pose for his mom. Look at him in action.

Pryce loves Soccer. I know I am his mom, but he really looks like a natural out there. He has improved so much since last year. Everyday he asks me, "Is today soccer practice?" Scott is coaching his team and he does an awesome job with the 5 and 6 year olds. I am really not made for that age. His team is the Red Raiders and they are black and white:)

It has been way too long

It has been 7 weeks since I last posted and I feel like it has only been 2 weeks. The beginning of the school always seems like a blur, but with two kids now in school, it is even worse this year. I can' t believe I don't have a child in daycare anymore. It is nice to not have the expense of daycare, but it really makes me sad that my babies are growing up. The first few weeks of school have been great. Pryce is finally getting used to school and all "the work" as he says. Prestley is loving 3rd grade and is doing great in all her subjects. I have great classes this year and I love coaching again. The girls are working hard and we are getting ready to start after school practice in two weeks. Scott loves his new school and loves working in town.
Hope you all have a had a great start to the new year.
In Him,