Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Babies are growing up right before my eyes

Wow!!! How time flies. I know my mom always told me that when I was growing up, but I truly believe it now. Tomorrow is my baby boy's 5th birthday and Monday my little girl will be 8. Really??? It just seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with Prestley and now here she is going in to the 3rd grade. This year I will no longer have a daycare child, Pryce will begin Kindergarten:( Although it will be nice not to have to pay daycare each month, it makes me tear up just to think he will be starting "real" school.
Last night we had Prestley's birthday party because she felt that this year she was too old to share her party with her Bubba!! About 16 kids filled our house to play water games, jump on the trampoline and paint rocks. It was so much fun. After that was over the girls stayed for Presltey's first ever "Slumber Party". Wow.. 11 little girls ranging in age from 6-9. It was fun. No fighting, drama, crying or anything. Thank you Lord. My precious Mom and Sister stayed the night to help me keep them entertained and I owe them so much. Thank you so much!!! Monday will be Pryce's party at Chucke Cheese so that will be a lot easier. I will have a lot of pictures to post in the next couple of days.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

In Him,


  1. Yeah, I'm your first follower!!! Woohoo!! I know, it's sad how fast our babies are growing up. You will love blogging!!! I have my blog printed as a keepsake for the kids!!! Woohoo!!!

  2. I'm so glad you have a blog! Now I can keep up with you!!