Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Golf Tournament #3

This was Prestley's 3rd tournament of her "career" and she gets better each time. She has two more this summer and she seems to be having a blast with it. This is the first thing she has really enjoyed doing and we don't have to make her go practice and play. She had her first meltdown on hole two and I am sure there will be manyh more before she is done with this golf business. Mommy and Daddy had to boost her up a little and then she was good to go for the remainder of the tournament.

I love how she is looking up at her daddy in this photo. She listens to everything he says on the golf course. She may not do everything he says, but she does listen.

Poor Bubba is not old enough, but he is so good at watching his big sister and rooting her on:)

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