Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow 2011

Well, my kids finally were able to see snow in New Braunfels. We have lived here for three years and haven't seen any. At 6:45 am Prestley came in our room dressed and ready for Friday at School and we were sleeping. Poor baby set her alarm and we forgot to turn it off when we received the call at 6 am that there was no school. She was ready for Friday donuts. She soon got over it and put her pajamas back on. We have had a great morning off of school. We are all still in our pajamas and have watched one movie so far.
These are pictures in front of our house. Not a lot of snow, but enough to excite my kiddos.

We have been very busy the last month. Prestley is taking golf lessons once a week and playing in several tournaments. She was second in her last tournament and received a big trophy. I love watching her play and be excited about something. Pryce isn't involved in anything right now, but soon will be playing t-ball. He broke his arm this week in two places so I pray that he will be okay to play. He has been waiting to play baseball for the last 3 years. Scott is busy with the budget for his school. We are anxiously awaiting what cuts he will have to make this year. He is stressing a little over all of the budget cuts. We know God will provide and take care of us. I am still busy with basketball. We are almost finished with district and our varsity will head into the play-offs. My JV hasn't won many games this year but I have enjoyed coaching these girls.
I hope you all are staying warm during this crazy Texas Weather.
In Him,

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